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Steering Committee

About Our Steering Committee

The HOPE Centre’s Steering Committee is led by a group of dedicated Toronto Metropolitan University faculty and broader community members who are responsible for directing the Centre’s goals and activities. 


Bimonthly meetings are held to ensure the Centre’s continued operation, growth and development.

Main Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

  • Planning of the Centre’s activities

  • Aiding in the development of the Centre’s budget, work plan, and annual report

  • Reviewing the nominees, and appointing the Director and members

  • Reviewing and approving any publications submitted through the Centre

Steering Committee Members

Dr. Trevor Hart

PhD, C.Psych



Garfield Durrant


Community Member

Dr. Tae Hart

PhD, C.Psych



Christian Hui



Community Member

Trainee (PhD Student)

We are looking to expand our Streering Commitee

The HOPE Centre is currently accepting new Steering Committee members. Specifically, we are looking for more community members to join our committee. However, we encourage candidates from all backgrounds and experiences to apply. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us by clicking here.
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