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You can be part of our team by offering your expertise or support to the centre. HOPE will serve as a hub for researchers in the health sciences and related fields, and will actively seek funds from the tri-council and other agencies to conduct rigorous interdisciplinary research. Our centre will publish these findings in scientific/academic journals and will present findings at community-accessible settings and websites. Our Centre will move beyond conventional research practices by translating research evidence into concrete action to advance policy and practice. We will achieve community impact by engaging community and academic partners to build capacity among community stakeholders, service providers and decision makers to collectively advance health equity through innovative programming, interventions, and policy strategies. 


Our Objectives: Through research, community-engagement, and capacity building, HOPE will: 


  1. Contribute to new knowledge about the determinants of health and health equity among sexual and gender minorities. 

  2. Work collaboratively with multidisciplinary researchers in various health disciplines and community partners to identify how research priorities can help improve the health and well-being of sexual and gender minorities in our communities. 

  3. Develop innovative strategies and interventions to reduce social and health disparities and promote health and well-being of sexual and gender minorities

  4. Build research and knowledge translation capacity among students, trainees, community stakeholders, and service providers to implement inclusive, culturally safe, evidence-based health promotion programming, counselling and interventions. For example, we will train community-based and clinic-based health and service providers in evidence-based counselling, psychotherapy, and other treatments and interventions that promote health and well-being. 

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